Six unworn tops

I'm putting these garments, all made at various times throughout 2017, in one post, because frankly they are not very interesting on their own but I want to get them blogged before the end of the year so I have a record.

I also realised writing this up that none of these things have been worn, which gives me pause.

First up, two olive green tops I made at sewing camp, in the deepest winter, back in July.
In the weeks beforehand it had been so cold I couldn't even face going into the sewing room because the heating didn't reach that far. I live in a flat and have one split-system wall heater/airconditioner which is pretty good, but it wasn't enough those weeks. I ended up doing a whole lot of cutting out on the dining table, closer to the heat, and then I sewed these two up very quickly on sewing camp. I used a cheap piece of very wide possibly wool jersey from the last Morrison sale so I think these tops worked out at $5 each.

They are the Sew House 7 toaster sweater #2 and the free Tessuti Mandy Boat tee pattern and they were really just intended as wearable toiles, but I haven't made either pattern since and I haven't worn either of these since. The fabric is a bit itchy and scratchy and I just haven't picked either of them up to wear since. Winter is now long over so I'm not sure what will happen with these.

I suspect I will make both tops again at some point, in a different fabric. I love the design of the toaster and the slouchy shape of the Mandy tee. Looking at the pics, I think the Mandy top looks better than I remember it, and the fabric is just too thin for the toaster.

Next -- two Grainline raglans -- the Linden and the Penny.

These two were both massive disappointments. I love Grainline patterns and I love these designs on other people, but these versions just did not work for me, both for the reason that despite making these in my usual Grainline size 10, the necklines were just insanely, ridiculously, unwearably wide.

I mean I knew the necklines were wide from seeing them on other people's Instagram, but they are just so wide.

The Linden is actually the second version I made, the first had to be totally abandoned when it was clear there was no point going on. This version has the neckline raised about two centimetres and I think it's ok. I left this project unhemmed for about three months and by the time I got around to it I realised the top wasn't actually as bad as I'd thought, although I haven't worn it. It's just made from left over fabric from the Sloane Sweater and the Named Kielo.

But the Penny -- where's my cute relaxed summer top? I won't wear this, the neckline will always be slipping down one side and I'll be uncomfortable and feel sloppy.

Total ill fitting hospital gown - the color probably doesn't help.

I really wanted to love this pattern so I'm not sure, do I make it again in a smaller size or just move on and make something else? It doesn't help that lately I've really gone off sewing with knits, so it may be a while before I revisit this.

Finally, we have the Named Sloane Sweater and the Seamwork Astoria Sweater.
I haven't worn either of these, but I don't hate them either.

Seamwork Astoria

Named Clothing Sloane Sweatshirt

The Sloane is nice, it's really a basic crew neck jumper (as we call them in Australia) with two large French darts at the front that gives it a nice bit of shape. I think the reason I haven't worn this is that this cheap ponte from Textile Traders is not very soft and the plain navy blue is just so boring, so I don't ever reach for this. But, I have been mulling over adding some sort of printed design or applique (I really like Katie's space themed applique patches) and making it look a bit more interesting.

The Astoria I really like and the fit is fine, it's just a smidge too short to wear comfortably and easily with things. I know that's the design and I love the fifties look of this, but it's still a bit too short on me and I think it will be perfect with another inch or two at the waist. I definitely intend to make this again and in fact I already have some great fabric in the stash. I'm still hoping to get a few wears out of this as I love the colour -- the fabric is a ponte from Spotlight.

This is not the most inspirational set of makes I'm afraid, but I do think it's useful to reflect on everything, and to share the failures as well as the wins.

I'm also determined to catch up on my blogging before the end of the year so I'm planning on writing as much as I can before I leave (off to Vietnam for Christmas on the 19th!) and scheduling things to post while I'm away.


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