A winter coat in the middle of summer

Well it's winter up north.

This is the first coat I have ever made, a Closet Case Clare Coat in a charcoal poly/wool blend from Darn Cheap Fabrics in Melbourne.

I completed on a freezing weekend in July, a sewing camp in the forest, a big room with a roaring fire.

It was an enormously satisfying project to work on, and a good challenge. I proved to myself that I could take on a big sewing project and make it work, and I've got a coat I'm very happy with as well.

The pieces

Right before bagging out

The inside of a coat
Immediately post bagging out
As I remember, cutting out the pattern pieces and doing all the fusing and making took an entire weekend. I also made it a bit hard still by cutting out interlining in cotton flannel to make the coat a bit thicker and warmer. I know people think it doesn't ever get really cold in Australia and of course unlike Europe or North America, it doesn't, but it does get cold enough for a coat like this.

Anyway, I took this coat, all the pattern pieces, and got it all done in one go. I made view B, with a zip instead of snaps, and I'm very happy with the result. The zip is a much easier closure to deal with and the gold contrasts nicely with the almost black.

This coat fabric does attract hair, lint and fluff like nobody's business so I'm constantly rollering it when it's in use, but I can live with it. The lining is a soft, thin rayon from Textile traders that wasn't great to sew with, as it frayed badly, but is silky soft to wear.

Overall, I'm chuffed with this and certainly inspired to make another coat next winter.


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