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Claudia in Paprika linen

I've had a run of projects like this recently, love the result but the pattern really pissed me off - this is the latest one, the Tessuti Claudia dress in one of those specially dyed linens from The Fabric Store, this is Paprika and I love the colour.

When I bought this fabric, I was originally planing to make a Tessuti Bondi dress but when I saw this I changed my mind. It reminded me of a dress I saw on Haley Boyd's instagram a while back and I had just made the Farrow, which is also a swingy, tent-like dress, and like the Bondi, this dress only

Now lets talk about the pattern.

This is the prototype, I think someone at Tessuti made it for their daughter and then graded it into a saleable pattern with instructions.

Isn't it lovely?

That cool midi length, side splits and that gorgeous close fitting strappy bodice. It looks effortlessly elegant but super comfortable at the same time. And pockets, you have to have pockets.
But you won't get a dress that looks like that f…

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