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Farrow in Cupro

I was planning to be a more regular blogger this year and now it's April and I'll I've posted for 2018 has been my planning post.

It's the photos, I can write the words easily enough, it's getting the pictures that is the problem. My flat is dark, too dark for photos, and the whole tripod thing is a pain as well. And I have done some pattern testing as well, and the pattern hasn't been released yet, so while I have the pictures I can't post them.

So I've taken to getting friends to snap pics for me when I'm out and about, which they are happy to do and I'm hoping to catch up in April.

Anyway here is the Grainline Farrow dress made up in navy and musk cupro from Potter textiles, snapped in a friend's beautiful garden.

The verdict, like the pattern, like the dress, would proceed with caution if sewing with Cupro again.

I have been curious but never sewn with it before, and I though the colour blocking would be perfect with this pattern. I assu…

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