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Me Made May '17

Me Made May - actually starting on a Monday this year, how tidy.

I have mixed feelings about MMM. I've done it twicebefore and I'm doing it again because I think it's a useful personal challenge.

I don't do a written pledge or anything like that (seriously, who cares?) but I just try and wear more of the stuff I've made during May and take pics of what I wear to look back at.

Cher Horowitz was right, you can't trust mirrors - those grey pants haven't been worn much since #MMM16 but the navy maritime top is worn quite a lot now. It's also a good way to stop yourself, think about what you actually need rather than chasing the latest cool pattern release.

However, the photos and the social media aspect of MMM gives me pause.

Frankly, the daily instagram phone selfies day after day in May bore me. I don't want to share what I wear everyday online and I would fully expect my friends, most of whom don't sew, to mock me mercilessly. And to be honest, b…

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