Remember how kielo meant lily of the valley in Finnish? Well saunio means aster apparently, a kind of daisy apparently.

Unlike the Kielo dress, this pattern doesn't look much like its namesake, but the Saunio is a cool little pattern.

Named call it a cardigan, but depending on the fabric you make it in, it's almost jacket-like.

It's also a very easy make, with just the front, back, sleeves and two facing pieces to deal with, and would require a fabric with a bit of stretch as the sleeves are quite slim. Oddly, it's doesn't specify stretch on the Named website but their sample is made up from a cable knit fabric that would be very stretchy.

I made this from a lovely deep brown/orange fabric from potters which I bought because I liked it and without a plan and for some reason I only bought one metre, I'm not sure what past me thought I was going to make.

The notes I took at the time are:

Description: bubbly wool ochre colour
Type: 93% acrylic, 7%wool
Length: 1 metre
Width: 138cm
Cost per metre: $15.50

It's very soft, smooth on the wrong side and the texture reminds me, in a good way, of the nubbly carpet at my grandparents' house when I was child.
This pattern came together very easily and quite a bit could be done on the overlocker. I didn't have enough fabric to make the facings so I used some leftover mustard cotton from another project.

The only change I made was to go back after a few wears and hand stitch down the front facings as they were bagging out and the outer fabric is so textured I didn't have to take much trouble to conceal the stitches.

I have worn this a fair bit during Spring, the sleeves and tight and so despite the absence of closures it's pretty warm. I love the boxy, somewhat 60s retro look.


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