Farrow in Cupro

I was planning to be a more regular blogger this year and now it's April and I'll I've posted for 2018 has been my planning post.

It's the photos, I can write the words easily enough, it's getting the pictures that is the problem. My flat is dark, too dark for photos, and the whole tripod thing is a pain as well. And I have done some pattern testing as well, and the pattern hasn't been released yet, so while I have the pictures I can't post them.

So I've taken to getting friends to snap pics for me when I'm out and about, which they are happy to do and I'm hoping to catch up in April.

Anyway here is the Grainline Farrow dress made up in navy and musk cupro from Potter textiles, snapped in a friend's beautiful garden.

The verdict, like the pattern, like the dress, would proceed with caution if sewing with Cupro again.

I have been curious but never sewn with it before, and I though the colour blocking would be perfect with this pattern. I assumed it would be like rayon, which it kind of is, but is even slipperier, frays like mad and stretches out very easily, which made matching those many angled seams in this dress err, interesting.

It's also a MUST PREWASH I now realise as the texture changed quite a lot after washing, it was quite shiny when I bought it and gained a much more matte, sandwashed looked after washing. Oh and it creases like mad too, as you can see in these pics.

It's not my neatest work, the pockets don't line up perfectly inside and the finishing at the back neckband is not how I would do it if I were making this again. I also did a couture techniques course with Susan Khalje a few weeks after I finished it and am planning to unpick the top thread loop and the hem and re-do them. 

The hem instruction also tell you do something that always drives me nuts, which is to fold up a reasonably deep (5/8") hem, on a curve, and just sort of...ease the excess fabric in. It's never going to work, because physics. You will always ending up with some messy folding on the inside. Susan agreed with me, and for the life of me I cannot understand why pattern instructions do this. So I'm going to do a neat narrow hem instead. 

I am very pleased with the navy button though. I just happened to have this and it ties the whole thing together perfectly.


  1. Deep hems without annoying folds? I have two methods -
    One = I adjust the differential feed on my overlocker and gather slightly as I neaten the edge and overlock. I then pin up the hem, adjusting the gathers to suit and press into place. The slight gathering is much better than the weird folds that can happen otherwise. I then stitch the hem down. I usually use the machine but handstitching is also possible.

    Two = a draft a hem facing and stitch that into place.

    Your dress is lovely!


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