Summer sewing plans

I have no less than 11 things yet to blog, including my successful venture in trouser-making that ended in mid-September.

What happened? Life happened - I lost my home internet connection for three weeks, a nightmare situation with a neighbour keeping a dog in the apartment next to mine then leaving it alone to howl for hours on end and just a lot of sewing, but not much photographing of outfits and blogging. I'll catch up.

In the meantime, summer has arrived in Perth. We have already had some record days for October of over 30 degrees and I'm starting to think about clothes for the heat.

I've seen other bloggers put their plans online and I thought I would do the same. Who knows, maybe I'll even stick to them and not be distracted by new ideas...maybe.

1. Some Grainline Larks

I've got the pattern, I've had the A0 version printed and I've got some beautiful soft knits from Potter's textiles all ready to go.

So what am I waiting for?

Well I have to change the thread in my overlocker for the first time. I did in the shop, I even threaded the whole machine from scratch several times. I can do it, I just need to do it.

2. A Sewaholic Gabriola and a Yaletown

Again, I have the patterns and the fabric. I want to wear the Yaletown to a wedding in December and I want to swish around my flat in the Gabriola, in a beautiful soft rayon I bought a few weeks ago at Spotlight.


So again, what is stopping me?

Sewaholic fitting fears. They are designed for a pear shape apparently meaning small torse, wide hips. I had a horrendous time with my (yet to be blogged) Sewaholic Belcarra blouse about six months ago. Much as I love the Sewaholic aesthetic and how the garmets look on other blogs, that two-toiles-and-still-not-quite-right-even-though-it's-a-simple-raglan-top experience put me off.

I bought all the patterns at the same time and just haven't made them up.

I have however, learned a bit more about looking at finished garment measurements and fitting as I go (the gabriola takes almost 5 metres of fabric, so not toiling that) so will give them a go.

3. A McCalls 6696

The darling of the sewing bloggers, it's looks classic, cool and exactly the kind of style I like to wear. I have a few RTW shirt-dresses that I love to wear and I think in the right fabric this will be perfect for work.

Just need to track down the pattern. Australia is not the land of 99c sales or free shipping for online shoppers.

4. In the same vein, a Grainline Alder.

I thought this was naff and dowdy when I first saw the pattern, then I saw a few on blog realised that while I hate the ruffled skirt version, I love the straight skirt version and the kind of thing I will wear every summer weekend in the right fabric.

5. The Tessuti Esther shorts

I've got the perfect remnant of light blue linen from Potter's textiles already, just need the pattern.

6. A bunch of boring but very practical and wearable tops and pencil skirts to wear to work. I've traced off my favourite pencil skirt (bought from Target 8 years ago - to be blogged) and I've got the Grainline Scout pattern which is perfect and takes no time at all.

What I'm not making - swimwear. Maybe next year, if I decide I can be bothered with all the tracking down of supplies, fitting, figuring out how to make it. Not giving up all RTW yet.

I'm excited, I love summer most of all the seasons.


  1. That McCalls is a great pattern. I really enjoyed making and wearing mine. I'm very jealous and slightly homesick thinking about 30+ degrees in October!

    1. It is rather lovely especially now my eyes have stopped streaming from hay fever! I love summer in Perth, even when it gets to 40 degrees. I'm really looking forward to sewing up a shirtdress.

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