A short shorts update

Started blog, went on holiday for a month, became very ill for a while.

Anyway I am back now with a fabulous backlog of things to blog including a Grainline Scout, Morris and Archer, some self-drafted t-shirts, my ongoing adventures with the Cloth Habit Watson and the trousers project (two toiles and counting).

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The yellow curtain fabric maritime shorts took me all around the US in comfort, especially New Orleans where the hot and steamy weather took me by surprise. That's in the beautiful New Orleans City Park sculpture garden, with a t-shirt from Maria Denmark's free Kimono pattern.

Unfortunately the beautiful blue shorts are now way too big, as part of the being ill phase involved a bit of weight loss, and I've gone from a 14 to a 10 in grainline patterns.

I feel sad about them as they turned out really well and I love the fabric, but I'm not to sure how I'd go about picking them apart to take them in, without creating major hassles with the waistband. Any tips grateful received.

Up next: the Grainline Morris.

Another pic from sculpture garden till then, taken with that film camera hanging around my neck:


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