Me Made May '17

Me Made May - actually starting on a Monday this year, how tidy.

I have mixed feelings about MMM. I've done it twice before and I'm doing it again because I think it's a useful personal challenge.

I don't do a written pledge or anything like that (seriously, who cares?) but I just try and wear more of the stuff I've made during May and take pics of what I wear to look back at.

Cher Horowitz was right, you can't trust mirrors - those grey pants haven't been worn much since #MMM16 but the navy maritime top is worn quite a lot now. It's also a good way to stop yourself, think about what you actually need rather than chasing the latest cool pattern release.

However, the photos and the social media aspect of MMM gives me pause.

Frankly, the daily instagram phone selfies day after day in May bore me. I don't want to share what I wear everyday online and I would fully expect my friends, most of whom don't sew, to mock me mercilessly. And to be honest, by about May 10 I'm usually pretty bored with everyone else's daily outfit pics as well.

It's a hassle to get the camera out every day, set it up, stand against a wall, take a pic, look at it, take it again (standing straight and smiling again this time, thinking as you do - do I really look like that?), click, click, click, that'll do, off to work.

Last year I had a whole camera-balanced-on-two-biscuit-tins-in-the-kitchen daily set up, which was ok. But I'm riding my bike to work now which means I don't actually put my daily outfit on until I get to work which means on weekdays I have to take the pictures at work.

(I'm a bit in awe of those bloggers who clearly are confident enough to just go out on the street, tripod and remote in hand, and stand in front of it posing for 50, 60, 100 shots to get what they need. Their photos look wonderful. But I can't do it, no way.)

I have a DSLR at work but I don't want to ask anyone to take a pic of my outfit everyday, how mortifying so my options are self timer at lunch time or the faithful lift selfie.

I tried both today, the outdoor ones were on a quite street near a government office. I don't think anyone saw me but for all I know there was some one-way glass I didn't spot and they were all having a good laugh.

Shot one: off with her head!

Unfortunately the live view screen of this camera won't work with 10-second timer function, so I had to set the camera on a step then guess where to stand. The whole area was too shady and I had to bump up the exposure when I got back so the trees look on fire.

Shot two: bokeh!

Clarity issues aside, this shot would have been perfect. Nice light, good position.

Shot three: forgot to put phone down

Also too dark, but further manipulation just made it distorted.

Shot four: the faithful lift selfie

I actually only work on the first floor of my office building, so this was a rush but worked out ok. Also instant face covering, which saves a lot of angst.

So, that's it for me and Me Made May online until the end, when I might post a roundabout, or I might not. Happy MMMing, if you're doing it.


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